We only look big at first

As Knot 10 enters 2012 we will have a fourth birthday coming up (Feb 1). We also will be entering the Florida market with a major expansion as well as possibly putting the pieces together for a NJ/NY office. We have been careful in our planning to avoid some of the issues all growing companies experience. In general what we want to avoid is the perception of being too big, the watering down of our brand, our message and the factors that have led to our success from day one.

Do we have a large amount of boat listings? YES. But keep in mind we have 9 present full-time brokers and soon will be adding another 4-6 in these new markets. We recognize that one person can only sell and list so many boats so we always will staff up accordingly so that our listing and buying customers receive the proper care and time they deserve and require.

In addition our use of technology and planning allow us to give you a boutique approach regardless of how big we may appear. Our markets are all viewed internally as distinct offices and markets that interweave to support our common brand message and culture.

I faced a similar experience when choosing a realtor in 2010. The firms I interviewed ranged in size from small, medium and large. In the end I went with the biggest player not because of size but because their presentation, advertising, and niche service took away any concerns I had about being a small fish in their big pond. My decision was justified once I was listed as the feedback, technology, and systems they used made me feel catered to and how my concern of how big they were melted away with exceptional customer service and support.

In closing as a listing client our large size benefits you from the equally large ad budget, stellar photography, technology and increased amount of global eyes on our inventory. As a buyer you will get the attention you deserve, a large selection of inventory, and the confidence of knowing we are always aware we need to serve each individual regardless of our size or success.


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