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What Is Your Boat Saying

October 17, 2011


-Black Mold On Canvas: Look up when you walk on your boat. Does your canvas look as if it’s a tropical jungle with really thick mold? It says I have not been to the boat in 6 months and have not noticed it. Mold= lets look at another boat

-Lift The Lid: If you have not been to the boat in 4 months lift the lid on your heads and you see stagnant horribly stained heads that again tell a buyer this is a boat that is left behind by the owner.

-Carpet Staining: Walk down into the salon and get greeted by carpets that look dirty and stained can instantly harm all the good work you’ve done in the cockpit. At your house you’d hire or rent an industrial steam vac and spend 3-4 hours getting it right. There is no reason you can’t do the same on your boat and greatly improve the look of your carpets.

-Engine Rooms: It usually follows suit that I can look at the inside, canvas and overall condition and then pull the hatch up to what looks like a crime scene in the engine room. Again these are tight places and hard to get to but companies exist that will come in and spend a few hours cleaning up years of grime and neglect.

Chalky gelcoat, un-repaired zippers on canvas, sunpads on the bow left out for years all hit buyers immediately when they board your boat. I cannot explain how much money this adds up to in a buyers mind versus a mint condition boat.

Just recently I showed a boat with several of these factors. The buyers are going to buy this model boat. We have the same boat priced $20k higher 2 hours away for them to which I said why not buy this one as it has everything you want but just needs some TLC and probably $3-4k of work to get the canvas right and few other items corrected. “No way the buyers said, it looks like they where really rough on the boat and I have no idea how they maintained it if they would leave it like this. We don’t want to buy a boat and immediately have to spend time and money fixing it. We want a turn key boat at the price we’ll pay or we will just keep looking. There are plenty of them out there and till we find the right one at our price we’ll just wait.”

Just like housing this is a competition against other boats. If you want to sell you need to compete to win on your boats condition. Spending time and money to improve your boat today is not a suggestion but really necessary to make sure it stands tall. If you did what we do 7 days a week you would see time and time again a boat that would only take $1000-$3000 to look great have buyers tell us “that boats worth $40,000 (listed for $70k) or $450,000 (listed for $600,000). While not true we hear this all the time.

In conclusion in a buyers market buyer’s want their cake (price) and to eat it too (condition). The boats we are selling the fastest have stepped up to compete on both accounts and crossed the finish line while those that don’t buyers simply send to the back of the line.


Annapolis Boat Show Was……GREAT!

October 17, 2011

We just finished up what we would have to say was a very positive boat show in Annapolis. There where large solid crowds, even Thursday which is typically really slow was better than usual. The most noticeable thing was the lack of negativity upon people we encountered. I did not hear any mumbling about gas prices, how bad the economy is etc etc. The other nice thing to report is that we encountered plenty of people who said “I’m looking for ……” which is a solid buying signal that we heard far more than “just browsing I’m not buying anything”. While many buyers are still selling their current boat or shopping at a slower pace then you or I would like it was all positive and we really came away from this show with great vibes that boaters are thinking about that next boat.