Ads have to be consistent to pay off and it takes time!!

Here is some data that shows as we have grown so too has our ancillary ability to drive more people to our listings, ads, and offices. We have heard many buyers comments about “I shop on your site all the time”, “Knot 10 has great prices”, “Knot 10 has such a good selection”, “I have your website in my favorites” etc.. This brand awareness and what others call Q rating is a culmination of many forces coming together which get stronger the longer there in place. Doing print advertising EVERY ISSUE not randomly, attending 5-6 boat shows every year, sponsoring events, having retail locations, and giving away hats and tee shirts with our creative brand all have the impact of increasing visibility. The benefit of that visibility is not something you see in a week, month or year but now after 3 years +  is something we can easily quantify the impact of statistically and mentally.


People ask sometimes “I have not seen my boat in your PMY ad”,  “How come my boat has not been shown more”, “is there anybody buying boats”, or “why am I not in every print ad” which are all valid and legit questions. One key point to keep in mind is that not every boat fits exactly with the advertising in certain places versus others. The most important factor to keep in mind is the results of what constant advertising and brand awareness has done which is drive higher and higher numbers of buyers to our website. What we know statistically is that people come in looking at one boat and then look at others in its class or price range around it on our site directly. That benefit filters across all boats with Knot 10 whether advertised in print or not and the page stats have grown and should continue to reflect this as we continue our dedication to advertising in print, boat shows and face to face at Marina’s and Yacht Club events. Here’s some #’s that illustrate the point. This shows a comparison of web traffic to our boats in 2011 Months versus 2009.


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