Boating Can Change

Many buyers will at some point in the  process ask the question “why are they selling” as we linger on the boat they have their eyes on. While there are many reasons sellers sell one reason is that boating for many people changes over the years. Starting out with a small express cruiser you will realize in a season or two that you absolutely love this lifestyle and want to go to that big cruiser that puts long weekend within reach. Now you are a seller of a 24-28′ boat that some other family will decide is the perfect starter boat to get out on the water.

Maybe you’ve had a boat for 10 years and climbed up to the mid 40’s Flybridge cruiser and have done that for years. Sensing its time for a change but not being able to fathom not being out on the water you decide to downsize and go to a small runabout or center console that greatly changes your boating but has benefits in many other ways. Big boats are labors of love and require lots of TLC to be kept in great working order. Going to a smaller boat you quickly enjoy the benefits of hose it off and be done in 10 minutes. The buyer of your big Flybridge boat is probably the opposite with a growing family and desire for the benefits only a bigger boat can offer. Far away destinations can be reached and explored despite nasty weather, 10 day vacations or longer can be taken where your only limitation is time you can take off to cruise etc etc.

The point is while people sell is different in every case and why people buy a certain style and design is equally as varied. The boating you do today may not be the boating you do in the future but the one thing that remains is no other lifestyle offers the freedom and joy that I’ve found on a boat. Most people either get it or don’t on the first boat they buy and if you “get it” then you’re a boater for life and welcome to the club.


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