Don’t Over Educate Away From A Good Boat

The internet has to be one of the greatest inventions known to man that has effected so many businesses and led to great advances in communication and research. That said there is also a side effect that we see from time to time. It’s the over education of a buyer who decides to spend hours reading forums and opinions on a boat, engine, or product they are about to purchase.

We all do it but as blogs, discussion groups, and forums have grown in popularity so  have the chances for misleading information propagating for all to see. I always say and I believe it true “if you have a hangnail and research long enough on the web you can convince your self you have toe cancer”.

We see this pre survey in a lot of buyers who spend hours weeding thru engine forums or boat discussion groups and taking bits and pieces of negative content to heart and in some cases scaring themselves away from what really is a good boat or motor. A big grain of salt needs to be sprinkled on this advice as it may be based on a single user experience and poor maintenance behind the scene but typed out as a colossal problem you are about to purchase.

I have seen this from both sides of the isle as I use the web as a tool to research a TV or software program all the time. It seems however that first time buyers are far more apt to be scared away from a problem just because they read it once or twice as opposed to realizing that most people who are happy with a product don’t take the time to post. People that have had bad experiences with a product or service tend to be the ones who want their voice to be heard and use the web as a bully pulpit to voice that opinion. My advice is research away but realize that over education can lead to paralysis by analysis and keep you from ever purchasing what otherwise is a good boat that will provide years of enjoyment.


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