My boats under contract now what?

After putting your boat up for sale, dealing with showings, negotiations and accepting a price it is finally under contract. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO NEXT? To many times we see a seller simply not take the steps needed to help us get the boat closed and off to its new owner.

For those of you who have not been thru a survey or bought your boat new I will outline the steps you should take to maximize your chance of having a clean transaction. Boat surveys and sea trials are detailed examinations of your boats health and many people are surprised by how in depth they can be.

Steps to increase your chance of a great survey:

-Once contracted find out when the survey is scheduled and come clean your boat off of personal effects that are stuffed in the lockers, fridge, and transom. (Surveyors get grumpy when they have to unpack 10 years of stuff on a boat to get to mechanical stuff)

-Schedule a detail or have us schedule that for you. We are not talking about a wax but simply a wash with soap, vacuum the carpets, clean isinglass, one or two days before survey. We want them to form a bond with your boat at survey so give them something to feel proud of.

-We will be testing water systems and running the boat. If your boat has 1 gallon of fuel and no water in the tanks we will have to do that for you and again it’s off to a shaky start. Put water in and have at least 1/4 tank of fuel.

-You may or may not know if all systems are working so test them before hand. This is the item that we see kill deals. If your boat has not been run or had every system tested, doing so before hand and addressing issues before survey can save you thousands in re-negotiating or a buyer simply rejecting your boat because so many little things did not work.

We in many cases can assist with the steps above but you are going to pay for that time as we are not mechanics and boat detailers. You know your boat better than anyone and we can’t decide for you to fix something today that can save you from losing your deal. Take the time to prepare properly and help us get your boat to the closing table.


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