New England Is Knot 10’s Kind Of Market

We are just putting away the show crates from a fabulous launch and introduction into the New England market. Coinciding with the New England Boat Show we are thrilled at the overwhelming response and feedback from the customers seeking us out at the show.

The show itself which was a nine day affair was one of the more upbeat and positive environments we seen in some time. Good crowds where found even during the early weekdays. Rich Feinen of Knot 10 New England was in the booth along with General Manager Gary Bouthillette for the opening weekend and the quality and quantity of sellers and buyers encountered was far beyond our expectations. Compared to our launch in the Mid-Atlantic almost exactly 3 years ago this will be an experience that benefits from Knot 10’s already known presence in the industry. Countless customers commented they knew about us already from seeing our printed ads, surfing our website, and were in general thrilled we brought Knot 10 to the New England market. We must say we where equally thrilled to be recognized so quickly from such an early launch into this market. While we shop for an upcoming location, sellers where lining up for a chance to benefit from our market leading photography, marketing, and customer centric approach. Numerous sellers commented on what has become obvious which is that despite a 30% savings in commission when they peel back the layers and look into what makes us different the reason they choose to list with us at such a growing pace has very little to do with commission. The real reason is our $12,000 a month ad budget, presence in print advertising, boat show attendance etc and branded approach that they just don’t see from most brokers.

 Buyers we encountered have made similar comments and that our listings are so varied and presented so well that making the trip to another state for a Knot 10 boat is a trip worth making. Despite the obvious dismay, concerns, headshaking, and wonderment of our competitors with us coming to New England the voice that resonates is that of the market and that voice has spoken loud and clear. We serve a need that is obvious and asked for by our buyers and sellers, not one that serves an old industry standard or old boys network of you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours deal making. Remember we are a company of boaters determined to improve the process of buying and selling boats in every facet and are recognized in our expertise to do so. The fact is we choose to operate on a 7% commission and others can operate on 5, 6, 10, 12 or whatever percent they feel works. We are pretty convinced by the growth, feedback and satisfaction we see in our bosses (you the customer) that a new standard has been set and we are proud to be a part of it.  

 Just another show selling pictures as some like to say but we wouldn’t change a thing and the only question is what market will be the next to leave 10% brokerage fees in their wake?


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