New England Are You Ready?

Coinciding with the New England boat show Knot 10 Yacht Sales is poised to bring its unique perspective on the brokerage market to this region. Rich Feinen our head broker is quickly seeing the benefit of our efforts and building a growing inventory of boats to lead the way for buyers in the NE market. Some customers in this market may already be familiar with the Knot 10 brand but for those that are not allow me to introduce the core differences that in 3 years have made Knot 10 the Mid-Atlantic’s brokerage leader and allowed clients to leave 10% brokerage fees in their wake.              Stop by the booth in Boston and Rich, Gary or myself will be happy to tell you about the Knot 10 difference which involves:

  • Photography: built from a perspective of getting one chance to make a first impression our boats are presented and photographed professionally. Look around and compare for yourself a Knot 10 boat listing versus the same boat model with another broker.


  • Advertising: you can’t sell what people don’t see and we spend more to do so. With a huge commitment to printed advertising we spend over $8,000 a month on print and thousands more to enhance ever listing on websites. Most brokers only do the web and ask your self if it did not work why we would spend so much? Are you getting the exposure needed in this market?


  • Technology: having so many listings and multiple offices we have invested in systems that allow our brokers to match buyer and sellers together to the ever changing inventory that we have.


  • Commission: 7% plain and simple. Who ever decided 10% was an industry standard? The industry standard is decided by you the customer. If others need to charge 10% fine by us but why not 12 or 15%. We have built our model from day 1 around this cost structure and have proved it can be done. Competitors will tell you it can’t but compare our advertising to theirs, our look to theirs, our inventory to theirs and you will see the customers have decided its time to leave 10% brokerage fees in their wake. I assure you we are here to stay and making the profits to prove the customers saw the Knot 10 difference as clearly different and clearly better.

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