I need to emphasize the 2nd key factor after price is condition. Not features, not hours, not color, but condition. While it’s true that every buyer wants to feel they have gotten a great deal in this market but and it’s your advertised price that gets eyes on your boat, when their feet get on the boat the condition will determine if it sells or sits. Judy and I have recently decided to put our house on the market and start the process of moving much closer to the office. The knowledge I gain from watching and interacting with buyers made me realize certain things you can’t ignore.

After living in our house for 11 years there are cosmetic factors you have to look at and spend ahead of the curve to take away any negatives a buyer may have when viewing your home or boat. To make a first impression you have to spend some money up front and hopefully it will preserve your price. In my own situation spending several thousand dollars to improve cosmetics will likely preserve tens of thousands by preventing any buyer from saying “yes we like the house but we need to do …………………………!

There are simply too many boats that we see could spend 2-5k on improvements (canvas, carpets, wax etc) but are unwilling to do so. That $2-5k can make the difference in a buyer making an offer you can live with versus no offer at all or a very low offer. Many of you have stated “well I’ll take care of that after they make an offer” or “it’s priced accordingly” but I can tell you the buyer does not feel that way unless you are repo priced. There are simply too many boats available and they continue looking for unlike a house (where it can be location, location, location) your boat can be shipped anywhere a buyer desires. In the past 2 weeks 3 boats have been sold to buyers more that 3 states away. Don’t ignore your boat even though you’ve decided you want it sold for in the eyes of the buyer it’s a new and exciting huge purchase. You may have given us the price we need to get it traffic so let’s make sure we show them the condition needed to get it sold.


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