A Change Of Perspective

Every so often I like to use a personal story or reference to make a point and I’ve got one that I think can be useful for some. As I mentioned in a previous mailing we had decided it was time to put our home on the market and get closer to the office. I wrote about looking at the homes condition and spending money on things for the sole purpose of taking doubt out of a buyers mind. Not knowing if it would take 2 months or 2 years in this market we listed early knowing we would not move until June 11th to a permanent home on the shore. We had 2 offers in 59 days and settled on the house Jan 5th. A perfect short term rental situation was found and we are happy and settled in a rental for the next 5-6 months.

The amazing part of the process is without the urgency to buy that next house we have turned into buyers from sellers. Looking at homes now from the other side of the fence as buyers our mindset is completely different and one I think can be learned from. As a buyer now we are not willing to compromise, overpay, or deal with situations that we think are not in tune with the market. Having gone thru the process of being a seller and sprucing up our home, then pricing it to sell it has become easy to spot houses that are simply way overpriced or need too much improvement for the way they are priced for the market. It also becomes easy to spot homes that have taken every step to maximize their potential to sell and they tend to be the ones that you check on 2-3 weeks down the road and see they are under contract. Educating ourselves and being patient is going to assure of us not buying wrong in what is a very rare chance to be a buyer in this market without a home to sell and the leverage that creates.

This perspective made me think are you as a seller always taking the time to think more like a buyer? If not then spend 45min to 1 hour comparing your boat versus the comps a year older and a year newer, taking a look at how it stacks both in terms of equipment, appearance, as well as price. While doing this try to say if I was buying one of these boats which one would I inquire about first?  We know that in real estate or boats there are clearly less buyers out there in the market. The ones that are have been waiting longer and researching deeper before breaking out their wallet. When you factor in the fact a boat can be shipped anywhere in the US or World (we have been seeing 1-2 a month of our sales go overseas) it becomes really clear that thinking like a buyer can help to position yourself from 2 years on the market to 2 months on the market. I know this change of perspective for us is clearly different and hope it may be useful for you as we head into the months where we see more buyers and more opportunity.


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