Spring Has Sprung

Maybe it was the crazy winter snows or the fact people have spent 2 years sitting on their wallets but we have seen a fantastic start to spring. The white board at the office has been out of space and the deals written, closed, and pending are at much higher levels than seen in a long time. The good news is the buying is at all price points of our inventory. From $25,000 small boats to $400k modern express or sportfish. Since mid-February the pace and serious buyer interest for us has been far ahead of schedule. It seems the base we built on highly visible advertising, exceptional customer service, and listings that catch buyers eyes are paying the dividends from 2 years of formation.

As a seller look around and see how others advertise, promote, and therefore attract eyes on their product and decide whether you deserve an average effort or exceptional effort. Average in a tough market will get you nowhere, but as you can see from our early start in the rebound exceptional efforts will lead the way.

What a great sign of things to come here and in our Virginia market. Look for 2 major announcements in the coming months as we roll into 2 more markets. The competitors in the market will keep imitating our approach (some even violating trademark law) but the consumer will keep rewarding innovation and original thinking.


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