Baltimore Show Was Very Surprising

Just finished the 4 day stint at the Baltimore Boat Show and we are very happy to report a solid surprise in the amount of weekend traffic and interest from buyers more than sellers. Thursday and Friday were good days but Saturday was exceptional and Sunday remained very positive. The overall mood in general was a great deal different than last years show. We came away energized of what spring could bring the market and industry. Gary walked around and spoke with some new boat folks who were closing some sales at the show and reporting that New York’s show which was running in conjunction with Baltimore was also reporting a solid uptick in activity.

Buyers we were speaking with were all uttering the same general tone which was that prices seemed to have really come down and after sitting on their hands (and wallets) for a few seasons were starting to get the itch to make a switch or enter the market. Many of them still had boats to sell or trade but they were looking, pondering, and seeking more information as positive buyers as opposed to the hand wringing paralysis that seems to have been gripping boaters for the last 2 years. All of us that worked the show came away surprised and pleased about just how much solid interest was in the air. This is not meant to signal a buying stampede but with what the market has been thru the tea leaves look far more positive then we have seen in some time.

 It’s only January still yet we had 3 Sunday appointments in addition to the show traffic and if we can avoid a nasty snowy February expect these positive reports to continue. We are very much anticipating similar results from the Atlantic City and Virginia Beach shows which we will proudly be displaying at.


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