Knot 10 has entered the Blogosphere

Thanks for checking in with Knot 10’s new blog. In the upcoming weeks and months you will notice fresh content, lively opinions, events postings and other tidbits to let you know what’s on our mind. A blog is only as good as the material added and comments from you our customers who have made Knot 10 the fastest growing brokerage in the US despite the incredible market headwinds this economic shift has been throwing at the boating industry.

Since its inception in Feb of 2008 Knot 10 has grown to over 20 million in listed boats, 2 offices, 4 full-time brokers and a support staff that makes buying and selling an experience unlike any other. We do what we say, are as transparent as can be and communicate with you the customer whether your buying or selling in a way that will make you a Knot 10 customer for life. Our competitors love to try to label us with untruths that are so predictable but obviously not the case. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Knot 10 does not co-op with other brokers (WE PAY 5% CO-OP and it says so in our ADS)

Knot 10 does not show your boat (WHAT ??)

Knot 10 has no location (have you seen our 2 offices, primo locations at that)

They are discount providing discount service or not full service (this is my favorite as we spend $7,000/mth on printed ads, take premium photos, handle all closing paperwork, and provide a comprehensive approach to sales and marketing this industry has not seen before. NOTHING WE DO LOOKS OR FEELS DISCOUNT TO THE OWNERS AND BUYERS WE SERVE WHO SUPPORT US!

They don’t do the industry standard 10% (Your damn right and there is no reason 10% commissions need to be paid any longer. How is it that Real Estate has been sold for years at 6-7%, advertised, co-brokered, etc etc?)

Thanks for all of those who have left 10% brokerage fees in your wake and are excited to be aboard the Knot 10 experience. As we grow and expand your continued support will be remembered and serve daily as inspiration for us to improve.


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