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Thanks for a great 2009 and wait till you see what we have planned for 2010

December 22, 2009

As we wrap up a 2009 season that brought many challenges and accomplishments I’d like to thank all of our valued customers who helped Knot 10 grow and get better thru 2009. For sellers it was quite a challenging environment but both Knot 10 and the industry in general have seen buyers returning as prices hit certain key levels. Many buyers mentioned and felt that the deals to be had are unique and not likely to get much better. That’s a positive sign a pricing bottom is forming and pent-up demand is starting to result in buyers coming in for deals that are likely not to be seen again (we can hope anyway).

For me personally this year has brought many great additions that position Knot 10 to achieve the high goals I have set out for this company. In the summer the addition of Gary Bouthillette as General Manager positioned us with the experience and second set of eyes to lead our growth both in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. The tough sledding of many competitors also allowed us to attract 2 seasoned sales pro’s in Ed Franco and Rick Elliott who both bring years of experience and a book of business that is quite impressive.

With the additional staff came the obvious need to increase our visibility and we added two great on water locations. The main office on Kent Island allows us to house 30-40 boats for sale and is in the best location we could have wanted. Water on one side and a highway on the other gives us the exposure and brand recognition that was more attractive than ever imagined. Our office at Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbor gives us a footprint in the northern bay from which to serve that growing amount of listings coming into us from boaters in that area. Please stop in and see us in both locations when your in the area. 

As we look ahead to 2010 we see a market that will continue to pick up steam. Sellers who have weathered the storm of the market should start to see buyers continue to come back to the wonderful world of boating and all it has to offer. As for Knot 10 in 2010 we have some big plans which will be announced shortly. The dedication to advertising, promotion of our marketing changing fundamentals, and our alternative fresh approach to the old way of looking at the market will continue to drive us every day. Thanks to all of our buyers and sellers for the feedback, inspiration and support that has led us to where we are today. 

Happy Holidays and See You In The New Year!!!


Knot 10 has entered the Blogosphere

December 16, 2009

Thanks for checking in with Knot 10’s new blog. In the upcoming weeks and months you will notice fresh content, lively opinions, events postings and other tidbits to let you know what’s on our mind. A blog is only as good as the material added and comments from you our customers who have made Knot 10 the fastest growing brokerage in the US despite the incredible market headwinds this economic shift has been throwing at the boating industry.

Since its inception in Feb of 2008 Knot 10 has grown to over 20 million in listed boats, 2 offices, 4 full-time brokers and a support staff that makes buying and selling an experience unlike any other. We do what we say, are as transparent as can be and communicate with you the customer whether your buying or selling in a way that will make you a Knot 10 customer for life. Our competitors love to try to label us with untruths that are so predictable but obviously not the case. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Knot 10 does not co-op with other brokers (WE PAY 5% CO-OP and it says so in our ADS)

Knot 10 does not show your boat (WHAT ??)

Knot 10 has no location (have you seen our 2 offices, primo locations at that)

They are discount providing discount service or not full service (this is my favorite as we spend $7,000/mth on printed ads, take premium photos, handle all closing paperwork, and provide a comprehensive approach to sales and marketing this industry has not seen before. NOTHING WE DO LOOKS OR FEELS DISCOUNT TO THE OWNERS AND BUYERS WE SERVE WHO SUPPORT US!

They don’t do the industry standard 10% (Your damn right and there is no reason 10% commissions need to be paid any longer. How is it that Real Estate has been sold for years at 6-7%, advertised, co-brokered, etc etc?)

Thanks for all of those who have left 10% brokerage fees in your wake and are excited to be aboard the Knot 10 experience. As we grow and expand your continued support will be remembered and serve daily as inspiration for us to improve.

Welcome to Knot 10’s First Blog Post!

December 15, 2009

Knot 10 Yacht Sales proudly welcomes boat buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts to our new blog. We intend to use our blog to give customers the latest information on our listings, and provide general information on boats and the boating industry. Please check back from time to time, and feel free to comment on any post or contact us directly!